Data Analytics and Statistics in Quantitative Chemical Analysis – Chemometric Workflow for Forensic Investigations

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Presented by Mike Dereviankin, Chemistry Matters Inc.
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $199

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The rapid advancement and increased ability to resolve chemical components has superseded the common procedures for forensic data analysis. Chemometrics is a disciplined blended in data science that aims to efficiently extract information from the expanding inventory of measurable chemicals. A methodological workflow rooted in big predictive analytics will be presented for statistically modelling changes in complex collected chemical data for applications in forensic consulting.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The course will target intermediate data scientists interpreting complex quantitative chemical data sets. This course will also provide unique approaches to using modern programming languages and workflows to organize the workflow of their data analytics.

After completion of this course, attendees will gain familiarity with concepts involving data pre-processing, statistical correlation, and multivariant statistical analysis. Case studies will be presented for the application of modern data science computer science techniques and creating supporting visuals using R and Python programming.

TRACK: Forensics and Toxicology

CATEGORIES: Data Analysis, Data Management, Environmental Analysis, Forensics, Statistics


Who’s Mike?

I am one of the few formally trained graduate chemists who has disguised himself as a data scientist in the field of environmental, geochemical, biomonitoring and arson investigations. An objective of mine is to promote the contextualization of large data to be further utilized by regulators, decision makers and litigation.
The majority of my work is conducted in conjunction with – a niche environmental consulting company with highly trained subject matter experts that share the common aim of making chemical data meaningful. I am always interested in applying my fundamental background in analytical chemistry and statistics towards helping clients in their interpretations and communication of results.

Outside of consulting I am always pursuing contemporary methods of data visualization through various platforms (R, Python, SAS) and often publish these novel approaches on my various media sites. Whenever I experience any downtime (relative term), you’ll find me heavily involved in swimming whether that be coaching or as an athlete. “

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