Control Charting – A Tool for Monitoring Testing Process

Control Charting – A Tool for Monitoring Testing Process

Polona Carson / John Carson
P&J Carson Consulting, LLC
Course: Short Course #44

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2 Day Course

Date: 3-5 / 3-6 – Saturday/Sunday

Fee: $1050 ($1450 after 2/12/16)

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Target Audience

This course is targeted to technicians, analysts and quality engineers in analytical laboratories of any industry.

Course Description

Control charts are easy to use statistical tools that allow laboratories to monitor and evaluate testing processes. Shewhart charts (I/MR, Xbar/R or Xbar/S charts) detect large shifts in process, while EWMA and CUSUM charts detect smaller shifts in the process. Participants of this course will learn statistical concepts needed to understand how control charts work and how to implement and maintain control charts. They will also receive some practical guidance on how to use critical thinking skills to evaluate and improve testing processes. This course was developed based on ASTM 2587 and ISO 7870-2,4,6 standards, on high level of theoretical knowledge and on many years of practical experience by both instructors.

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