March 1-5, 2025
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Food Science & Agriculture



Introduction Most people obtain the majority of their food from large supermarket chains that buy in produce from a range of suppliers. Indeed, we have come to rely on numerous globally sourced food products and take it for granted that the food we buy is suitable for consumption. However, with...
Introduction A fundamental goal of the food industry is to provide consumers with quality food that is safe to enjoy. There has always been the risk of products becoming contaminated during preparation and so regular food analysis is a routine part of food manufacturing. However, today there are even greater...
Introduction: The deliberate or accidental contamination of food products is a prominent issue with wide-ranging consequences in the 21st century. It can encompass multi-billion-dollar fraud, hazards to public health and even deliberate attempts to harm human life. The Chinese melamine scandal of 2008 and the European horsemeat scandal of 2013...




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