February 24-28, 2024
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA

Cannabis & Hemp



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Introduction 2018 was a big year for cannabis. Vermont became the first state to legalize recreational cannabis by state legislature, a growing number of lawmakers (including those intending to run in the 2020 presidential election) voiced their support for legalizing cannabis, as did voters in a number of midwestern and...
Introduction: Historically, the vast majority of countries have opted for the blanket prohibition of marijuana. But, after decades of stagnant legislation, this has begun to change at pace in recent years as several countries and US states have adopted, or are poised to adopt, more liberal approaches to regulation of...


In this interview, Joshua Crossney talks to News-Medical Life Sciences about the recent advancements in the Cannabis industry and why quality analysis and quality control are more important now than ever for cannabis medicinal products. Since we last spoke, please could you give us an update on your efforts as...






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