March 18-22, 2023
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Pittcon Virtual Excursions

Our daily excursions have been selected to provide you with time to relax and enjoy attractions from New Orleans (where Pittcon 2021 was originally scheduled to be held) and Atlanta, where we look forward to seeing you in person once again for Pittcon 2022. Have some fun. Join us for any or all of our excursions.

You’ll be glad you did!

Demystifying Louisiana’s Cooking Secrets
Poppy Tooker
Monday, March 8 12:00 PM EST
Learn the secrets of authentic New Orleans’ cooking from the best! Poppy Tooker, cooking teacher, author and host of public radio’s Louisiana Eats will conduct an in-depth seminar on the secrets of what makes South Louisiana’s food so special. Attendees will learn how to make a real Creole Cajun roux along with it’s many applications; hear the history and background of poor boy bread and why it can only be made in New Orleans and learn the origins of the meal we know as brunch. The seminar will come to a flaming finish with a lesson in Bananas Foster.
American Industry and Victory in World War II
Dr. Robert Citino
Tuesday, March 9 12:00 PM EST
Robert Citino, PhD, is the National World War II Museum’s Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian. He is an award-winning military historian and scholar who has published 10 books, as well as numerous articles covering World War II and 20th-century military history.

In presenting American Industry and Victory in World War II, Dr. Citino’s lecture will examine the key role American industry and Home Front workers played in the Allied victory. The story of how people and resources were mobilized to create tremendous war production that was then shipped to war fronts around the globe will be told, including specific corporations and personalities such as Higgins, Kaiser, Ford, GM, and many others.

Life on the Honey Island Swamp
Captain Luka Cultura
Tuesday, March 9 4:30 PM EST
Join us for a live Q & A with Captain Luka Cultura! Born and raised on the Honey Island Swamp with over 15 years’ experience, Captain Luka is nothing short of an expert. Whether you’re looking to learn about the local Flora and Fauna or the wildlife that inhabit our small slice of paradise, Captain Luka will be your guide. We can’t wait to make your part of the Cajun Encounters family!

Check out the virtual tour before the event at:

Behind the Seas at the Georgia Aquarium
Dr. Kady Lyons
Wednesday, March 10 12:00 PM EST
Enjoy an in-depth and personal behind-the-scenes peek at the most inner workings of the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere ! Learn more about the often-unseen work that goes into keeping a world class aquarium like Georgia Aquarium operating each day. This tour will conclude with a visit with Research Scientist, Kady Lyons. Kady will touch on the Water Quality Lab as well as incorporate a Q&A Session for Pittcon Attendees.
Showcasing the Japanese Cuisine of Lazy Betty Restaurant
Chef Ron Hsu
Thursday, March 11 12:00 PM EST
An Atlanta native, Culinary Director and Partner Ron Hsu brings culinary chops from Michelin-starred Le Bernardin and Le Colonial, both internationally acclaimed NYC restaurants. Hsu’s cooking showcases a variety of cuisines and techniques that use the highest quality ingredients available. He was featured on Netflix’s cooking series “The Final Table,” Lazy Betty, Hsu’s first restaurant, opened in February 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. A modern and inventive restaurant, Lazy Betty serves tasting menus that showcase refined dishes. Each course is designed to enhance the overall experience of the visit, featuring an array of cooking styles and flavors, just as each ingredient plays a unique role in the composition of the dish.

Chef Ron will prepare a hearth roasted king crab, truffles dashi, savory flan. Yum!

From Recipe to Refreshment: A Look at World of Coca-Cola / Taste It! Beverages
Jessica McCormick and Paraic Greensmyth
Friday, March 12 12:00 PM EST
Brief introduction to the World of Coca-Cola experience and a behind the scenes look at the intricacies of identifying and manufacturing beverages for World of Coca-Cola.




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