Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

March 1-5, 2025



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Oral Sessions + Posters

We are NOW accepting absracts for Oral Sessions and Posters in all Conference Tracks

Workshops + Networking Roundtables

June 1 we will begin accepting proposals for Workshops Networking Roundtables in all Conference Tracks

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As we prepare to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and innovation hub that is Boston, we’re on the lookout for captivating topics to feature in our technical program.

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The Pittcon Conference features cutting-edge research, diversity and inclusivity in speaker representation, and elevates research excellence over commercial endeavors.

Call for Oral Sessions + Posters

An oral session is an exciting opportunity to reach a wide array of like-minded scientists while sharing your research in a professional setting.


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Areas of special focus include: Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cannabis and Psychedelics, Food Safety, Air and Water Quality, High Purity Materials, and Drug Discovery.

Submit Your 2025 Proposal

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2024

We are now accepting general abstracts.

  • Proposals that more strongly make the case in these areas will have the best chance for a high-profile spot in the technical program.

Oral Sessions

An oral session is an exciting opportunity to reach a wide array of like-minded scientists while sharing your research in a professional setting. These lectures are made up of seven speakers each contributing a 20-minute presentation. If your abstract is accepted, you will be grouped with other researchers based upon your selected track, method, and or application , to comprise a session showcasing different approaches and breakthroughs in your research field. Presenting at Pittcon is an impressive addition to your CV/resume, and it provides you with the distinctive chance to connect with fellow innovators and to collaborate with an international audience of scientists.

Poster Session

Posters are an excellent way to share your research with Pittcon attendees and exhibitors alike. Posters are displayed on the Pittcon Exposition floor, giving you the opportunity to share your work with an engaged and collaborative audience. Your poster is featured directly in front of and accessible by the professionals interested in your research – the people looking to collaborate with you, hire you, or provide you with future support.

Call for Workshop and Networking Roundtables

The personalized networking opportunities are a great way for attendees to meet with other attendees with similar interests to discuss challenges in the work place.


These sessions are free to attend and open to all full attendee registrations. Attendees can come and go during a session as they please. Rooms are equipped with only a flip chart and markers to encourage group participation, and are meant to engage attendees in communication and brainstorming.

Submit Your 2025 Proposal

Submission Deadline: August 24, 2024

We will begin accepting proposals on June 1.

Benefits of Being an Instructor

  • Complimentary registration to Pittcon
  • Honorarium based on the length of the course (1/2 day or 1 day)
  • Expense reimbursement (limits are set for each item)
    + Hotel: for the night before and after the course is given.
    + Travel/Airfare: up to $400 domestic, $800 international
  • Provided your proposal is accepted and has sufficient enrollment for the course to be presented, Pittcon will provide the following:
    + Classroom
    + AV (LCD Projector, Screen, Flipchart w/markers)
    + Course Notes provided to Participants

Additional Information

  • Scheduling of classrooms will be at the discretion of Pittcon. Courses will be scheduled Saturday, March 1 – Tuesday, March 4.
  • Course durations are half-day or full-day in length. Full-day courses will only be held on Saturday and Sunday. All courses on Monday and Tuesday will be half-day courses.
  • The deadline for sufficient enrollment is the advanced deadline to register for Pittcon.
  • Pittcon will provide advertisement of the Short Course program through our website, brochures, social media, email blasts, etc. We also encourage you to advertise your course.

IMPORTANT Dates and Deadlines

  • 4-1-24
    Call for Symposia (Closes 7-1) + Short Courses (Closes 6-1) Open
  • 5-1-24
    Call for Oral Abstracts + Posters Open (Closes 7-31)
  • 6-1-24
    Call for Networking Roundtables + Workshops Open (Closes 8-24)
  • 10-29-24
    Early Bird Registration Opens
  • 1-16-25
    Early Bird Registration Ends

Conference TRACKS

Bioanalytical & Life Science

Biological molecules and xenobiotics (drugs, toxins) and their metabolites; study of biological systems; biosensors; forensic science and toxicology

Cannabis & Psychedelic

Identification, quantitative measurement, extraction, and quality assurance of cannabis-based and psychedelic products

Environmental & Energy

Environmental detection and monitoring; energy production and storage; sustainability, climate, and green chemistry; food science/safety and agriculture

Instrumentation & Nanoscience

Instrumentation, detection, and sensors; laboratory information systems, data analysis, and artificial intelligence; characterization and processing of nanomaterials; art and archeology

Pharmaceutical & Biologics

Evaluating chemical composition and properties/activities of medicinal drugs and biologics; high-throughput screening and process control; drug discovery and design; personal care and consumer products

Professional Development

Leadership and power/soft skills; career navigation, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), communication, and entrepreneurship; education and teaching and more