Analysis of Microplastics in Water

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Instructor: Damia Barcelo, ICRA-CERCA
Wednesday, October 4, 2023 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $250

Track: Environmental

Categories: Environmental Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy/EM/Optical

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Description: The analysis of microplastics (MPs) pollution in water is identified as one major problems the world is currently facing. Nowadays, it is estimated that annually almost 4 million tones of plastic go into the seas and oceans. In this respect, characterisation of MPs in waters is still one of the remaining challenges because they can be easily confused with organic or other types of matter. In this short course, techniques and instrumentation for MPs analysis using Raman, FT-IR , microscopies, pyrolysis and thermal desorption GC/MS, LC/MS/MS nd MALDI-TOF-MS will be discussed. Attention to the greenness of the different analytical methods applied such as the consumption of solvents and energy during MPs analysis will be discussed . Case studies on MP determination in water from Europe, US, China, India and Middle East will be reported. Toxic effects of MPs to aquatic biota will be discussed too. Lastly, the increased MPs pollution after Covid-19 outbreak by the use of masks, gloves and related plastic medical equipment will be highlighted. Y Picó and D.Barcelo, Analysis and prevention of MPs pollution in water: current perspectives and future directions, ACS Omega, 2019, 4, 6709-6719. Y.Picó and D. Barceló, Analysis of MPs and nanoplastics: How green are the methodologies used, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2021, 31, 100503 . Picó, V. Soursoua, A.H. Alfarhan, M.A. El-Sheikh, D. Barceló, First evidence of MPs occurrence in mixed surface and treated wastewater from two major Saudi Arabian cities and assessment of their ecological risk, J. Haz. Mat. 416 (2021) 125747. Patrício Silva, AL, Prata, JC, Duarte, AC, Barcelò D and Rocha-Santos, TAn urgent call to think globally and act locally on landfill disposable plastics under and after covid-19 pandemic: Pollution prevention and technological (Bio) remediation solutions. Chemical Engineering Journal, 426 (2021), 131201

Target Audience: Chemists, Biologists and natural scientists in general, Technicians, Analytical chemists involved in Method Development, Regulatory personnel, Ph. D students, Master students and Post-doctoral researchers who want to get started with the problems associated with analysis, fate and toxicity of MPs in water samples.

Learning Objectives: Participants should have some general knowledge about the general procedure in a chemical analytical laboratory for trace organics. Fundamental l knowledge and principles of on mass spectrometric and spectroscopic techniques is as well required.. This is an ideal course for PhD students that want to learn more about the analysis of microplastics (MPs) in water. The course is as well a good fit for chemists that plan to change jobs and move towards the analysis of MPs in water.

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