San Diego, California, USA

February 24-28, 2024

Call for Participation: Your Opportunity to Contribute

Call for Abstracts for: Posters, Networking Sessions, and Oral Contributed

Poster Sessions

Posters will be displayed on the Expo floor Monday – Wednesday. Posters are an excellent way to share your research with attendees and exhibitors alike with the help of a visual aide.

Networking Roundtables

Draw upon your expertise while guiding a group effort to address a topic in the scientific community. Catalyze connectivity. Your session could alter many perspectives, including your own.

Oral Sessions

These lectures are made up of 7 speakers each with 20 minute presentations. An exciting opportunity to share research with a wide array of likeminded scientists in a professional setting. 

What is Pittcon?

Pittcon is a friendly, welcoming environment where analytical chemists at all professional levels meet. Pittcon is a platform for sharing ideas and cooperating to form new ones. Here, you will find that spark that drives your research, your career, and above all, your scientific perspective forward.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who develops, buys, or sells laboratory equipment, performs physical or chemical analyses, develops analysis methods, or manages these scientists.