A Statement on Pittcon 2020 and the Outbreak of Coronavirus

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Pittcon 2020 to Commence as Planned, Observing Federal Travel Restriction Policies

Pittsburgh, PA – February 6, 2020 – Our thoughts and concerns go out to those affected by the outbreak of illness caused by a coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. With this in mind, we strongly believe the scientific community that comprises Pittcon will benefit, now more than ever, from our plans to continue forward with Pittcon 2020, scheduled February 29 through March 5 in Chicago, IL.

This outbreak has affected travel on a global scale due to restrictions from China to the United States and other countries. Currently, Pittcon exhibitors and attendees originating from China are restricted from leaving their country and entering the United States, as dictated by the governments of both nations.

It is our policy that rulings on restricted travel in response to this outbreak, as dictated by any governing body and the federal government of the United States, will directly influence the planning and operation of Pittcon 2020. To this end, the Pittcon Organizing Committee is continually monitoring this situation and will make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

Presently, all indicators suggest that adequate controls are in place to minimize the impact of this outbreak in the United States and on Pittcon 2020. Updates and relevant communications pertaining to this matter will be placed on our website at pittcon.org.

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