March 5 - 9, 2017
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL, USA

Conferee Networking.

Free unique networking opportunities for registered conferees.

Unique Networking Opportunity

These 90-minute sessions provide a unique networking opportunity for attendees with similar interests to meet and network with other professionals interested and/or experienced with a topics in an informal setting.

Conferee Networking sessions begin on Sunday and run through Wednesday afternoon and are open to all full conferee registrations at no extra cost.

This year, there will be 34 facilitated sessions during Conference week covering topics related to food science, specialty analysis, environmental science, water quality, materials science, biomedical, laboratory Information/data analysis, pharmaceutical science and more.

Session Information

Approximately 30 sessions will be selected and scheduled for:

Sunday Session

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Monday – Wednesday

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Conferee Networking Benefits

Increase awareness of a specific topic

Find solutions to a problem

Brainstorm for new ideas

Sunday Afternoon, March 5, 2017
Room W185a / Norman Fraley
Room W186c / Pittcon Committee Members
Room W185bc / James Kaufman
Room W185d / Joshua Bishop
Room W186b / Joseph Jolson
Monday Morning, March 6, 2017
Cannabis Testing Forum: New Opportunities for Enhancing Quality and Expanding Research
Room W185a / Joshua Crossney
Room W185bc / Christopher Welch
SO and NIST Requirements for Volume Verification, Validation, and Calibration of Automated Liquid Handling and Pipetting Systems
Room W185d / Petar Stojadinovic/William Herms
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NANT) Education
W186b / Julia Xiaojun Zhao/Jiao Chen
Room W186c / Jeffrey Bodycomb
Monday Afternoon, March 6, 2017
Room W185a / Wolfram Miekisch
Room W185bc / Megan Cavanaugh
The Advantages of Accreditation
W185d / Natalia Larrimer/Roger Muse
Room W186b / Amy Grano
What is Really in my Food?
W186c / Sneh Bhandari/John Szpylka
Tuesday Morning, March 7, 2017
Choosing the Best Laboratory Improvement Project
W185a / Katherine Temple
Hyperspectral Imaging: A New Multipurpose Analytical Tool
W185bc / Giuseppe Bonifazi
Mobile Phase Selection for LC-MS Analysis
W185d / Subhra Bhattacharya/Stephen Roemer
Student-Faculty-Industry Networking: Getting Students Prepared for their Careers
W186b / Erin Gross/Maral Mousavi
The Importance of Particle Shape Information in the Pharmaceutical Product Quality Control Process
W186c / Lily Zu,/Peter Bouza
Wednesday Morning, March 8, 2017
Advances in MicroRNAs Non-Invasive Biomedical Analysis, Diagnosis and Its Clinical Application
Room W185a / Samy Abdel Azim/Abdel Moneim Afify
Analytical Instrument Qualification for Systems Utilizing Multi-Vendor Components
Room W185bc / Christopher Hahn
Room W185d / Monika Madhav
Room W186b / Satu Hyvarinen
Steal My Strategy: Crowdsource Ideas to Improve Your Teaching!
Room W186c / Anna Donnell
Wednesday PM, March 7, 2017
Room W185bc / Dean Tzeng
Room W185b / Priscilla Lewis
Room W185a / Logan Miller
Room W185d / Michelle Kovarik




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