March 8 - 12, 2015
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA USA

Equipment Grant Order Form.

The deadline to submit your grant request is April 10, 2015. Late grant submissions will not be accepted.

Grant Order Form

To be eligible to participate in the Science Week Equipment Grant, you must have attended a Pittcon 2015 Teacher Workshop. The grants will enable teachers to purchase equipment demonstrated in the workshops or other science-related equipment of their choice. All equipment will be shipped directly to the teachers at their school address.

More Than One Teacher Participating

If more than one teacher from the same school attended a workshop, the school is eligible for additional grant money. However, the teachers in these schools should collaborate to determine how funds should be distributed. Schools should submit only ONE grant request.

Grant Amounts Are as Follows:

  • $500 per school having one participant
  • $750 per school having two participants
  • $1,000 per school having three or more participants
    The total amount of the requests should not exceed the amount of the grant.

Science Week Links

What is Science Week?

Each year through Science Week, Pittcon offers outreach and support programs for science education in the city that hosts its annual convention. Science Week is one way that Pittcon will be supporting and enhancing science education in the New Orleans area in 2015.

A variety of excellent opportunities will be available to teachers, students, and science educators.

More About Pittcon

Science Week in New Orleans

There is no charge to your school for the student programs. (However there is a $25 fee for teacher workshops.)

800-825-3221, ext 208

Marc Hubert/Don Antczak
2015 Science Week Chairs
300 Penn Center Blvd., Suite 332
Pittsburgh, PA 15235-5503

Equipment Grant Order Form

Equipment Grant FAQs
Who is eligible?

Any teacher located at a school within 150 miles of New Orleans who attended a teacher workshop at Pittcon on March 7 or 8, 2015.

How much is the grant?

Any eligible school that has only one teacher attend a teacher workshop may receive an equipment grant up to $500. If two teachers attend from the same school, the total grant amount for the school will become $750 and if three or more teachers participate, the total grant amount will become $1,000.

Can more than one grant proposal be submitted for a school if the total amount does not exceed the values stated above?

No, only one grant proposal is allowed per school. If there is more than one teacher attending the workshops from the same school they must collaborate in deciding what needs to be ordered for the grant proposal. All the teachers’ names attending the workshops must be listed on the proposal.

How can I submit an order?

All requests will be submitted online at The password for access to the site is SW-2015.

What if my name and/or school is not listed on the website?

Please contact the Science Week chair-elect, Manny Miller at, if you cannot find your information in the drop down lists on the equipment grant website.

How is payment processed?

Pittcon will submit payment for the order directly. Your school does not need to make any payments.

Where will the equipment be shipped?

The equipment will be shipped directly to your school.

When can I submit my request?

You will be able to order equipment beginning March 9th. All requests must be received by April 10th.

Can I order from any supplier?

No, you must order equipment from only one of these four vendors: Fisher Science Education/Fisher Scientific, Flinn Scientific, Sargent-Welch or Ward’s Science.

How can I find equipment to order?

The most up-to-date pricing and equipment lists can be found at the websites below:



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